Wheat Ridge Arm & Hand Surgery Testimonials

Thank you everyone for all your care and kindness! You are all such a great staff of professionals. I've had a total of 6 hand surgeries now by Dr Wilson and though I'd prefer no surgery, coming to your office was always(well except for various shots) fun and pleasant. Thank you again so very much! I appreciate you all!

I cant thank you enough for the amazing surgery you preformed on my thumb. It was a life changer. I've got full range of motion without any pain.

Dear Dr. Wilson,
You did very successful surgery on my right hand in mid-June. I have been having physical therapy on that hand with Sheila Morton and have made very good progress.
My last appointment with sheila was last Friday, Sept. 19th, as my husband and I leave to return to Illinois on the 28th. Sheila gave me some additional hand exercises to do on my own to continue to make progress. I really enjoued working with both Sheila and Megan!
I dropped by your office last Friday, after my last phsical therapy appointment, because I wanted to personally thank you for the excellent surgery that you did on my hand. Just from my own personal experience, I would say that you are an excellent surgeon!

Thank you for giving me back full use of my right hand.

I lead an Active life; play hockey, windsurf, Mt Biking, Camping, and the most important activity, actually a passion of life, is my music. I play guitar and piano. I had a very freak accident playing hockey and was hit in the hand by a hard shot that hit right on the seam of my Hockey glove and literally shattered my knuckle and broke the top of my hand into many pieces. I had a bulge of broken bone in the palm of my hand. Dr. Wilson rebuilt my hand. Through vigorous rehab, I am back playing guitar and piano and enjoy full functionality of my Right hand. After playing hockey for 25 years post college, I have now retired but not until I played for three more years after the hand surgery! His dedication to saving/reconstructing my hand is something I will appreciate the rest of my life.

Dr Fry
Words cannot explain the gratitude for your kindness service and talent. Thanks for setting our minds at ease knowing our son was in the best hands .
Thank you

Dr Fry and Mary, I cannot express how much I appreciate the effort you put into seeing me so quickly and scheduling my surgery within two days of that initial appointment. I was going into major surgery that Tuesday and it was rather important to me to get the hand resolved prior to this. I had no idea that it was even something real, I felt silly even going in. Clearly it wasn't going to resolve on its own and y'all bent over backwards to get the appropriate approvals so that we could get it fixed. It is so remarkable the difference now. Your team is excellent and I am pleased to have had the chance to work with you.
Kindest regards, M

To the staff of Dr Christopher Wilson, Thanks for the nice things you do, and the really nice way you do them! Thanks you so much for the great care, I really appreciate everything! You guys are the best!

Hi I am a patient of Dr Fry. I just wanted you to know that your office is great! Very friendly and nice!

Dr Wilson, Thank you again for all you've done and for the excellent care you provide, especially with the personal touch! It means so much. Happy holidays

Dr. Fry is an exceptional doctor. He is attentive, present and patient. He has a rare quality among doctors – he is not arrogant. Quite the opposite – he's open, willing to listen and respectful of his patient's input and knowledge about their body and condition. I've been a nurse for 47 years and have met a lot of doctors. I highly recommend him without reservations.

Dr Wilson, Thank you for everything. I appreciate your attention to detail and diligence encouraged for the healing process.

Dr. Fry & Tanya � A patient said that you guys were awesome. The best service he's had. From entrance until end. Thanks a lot!

Hi Staff! I�ve been meaning to write this note for several months to simply acknowledge the excellent treatment I received from your office staff. Specifically though, I want to praise Megan for her professional manner, her calming reassurances, her knowledge and most importantly her positive reliability. Do � please pass this note onto Dr. Wilson. Many thanks.

A patient says she loves this office. We are all so happy and she enjoys hearing us laugh. Such a nice office!

�You guys did superior good work�. - Patient of Dr. Wilson

To Colleen, Thank you for all your efforts on (patient's) behalf. It was certainly above and beyond the call of duty. Many thanks,

Lynn called me to set up an appointment. She was wonderful and very pleasant. She didn't get discouraged when dealing with a 75 year old lady. Thank you!

A patient, called to compliment Julia. She is a sweetheart, very helpful. Colorado Hand & Arm is lucky to have her

Dr. Fry has received 4 out of 4 stars on! �Dr. Fry surgically repaired a ligament which gave me full range of motion on the thumb. Fantastic job and explained very clearly what he was going to do.�

Dawn, thanks so much for your help today in scheduling (emergency) patients. You guys are the best in Boulder!

Dr. Fry � I wanted to write to thank you once again for the surgery you performed on my hand last year! �I had to tell you how grateful I am to you. My hand is as good as new. I can type, write, play the piano and do everything I love to do, everything that would have been taken away from me if it weren�t for you and the rest of your staff. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

I cut my finder on an industrial paper cutter at work and the finger tip had to be removed at the emergency room. I want to commend Dr. Fry and his wonderful staff. I was a mess when I saw him and his staff; I was in a lot of pain, physically, emotionally. His staff was very supportive, kind and understanding. Dr. Fry looked at my finger and took his time to explain to me what was going to happen, that no more of the finger had to be removed, that the stitches would come out and the finger tip will heal. He made me feel like I was the most important person in the world. He and his staff have wonderful bedside manners. As far as I�m concerned Dr. Fry walks on water, can do no wrong and is a great man. Thank you.

Dr. Fry, We only wanted your opinion and to our surprise you made our day. From the bottom of our hearts�Thanks!

Dr. Fry - Thank you so much for giving me my hands back. I haven't been able to paint anything like this is 10 years. It means everything to me!



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